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Missing subsidised machines : 900 staff members receives notice regarding unable to track Punjab agri machinery(11000)

Missing subsidised machines |Punjab Agri machinery subsidy | Staff went on strike | The notices had been served last week to atleast 900 staff members of the agriculture department. The staff member includes officials of rank of development officers and sub-inspectors. The notice has been issued due to staff had been unable to track the […]

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1088 Suicides :Farmer Suicides in Maharashtra Rise in 2023, Government Provides Compensation(Rs 1lakh)

Farmer suicides has reached the number of 1088, as per the record. Compensation of Rs 1 lakh had been paid out for eligible farmers. According to a report from the Marathwada divisional commissioner’s office, 1,088 farmers committed suicide in eight districts within the Maharashtra area in 2023, PTI said. This exceeds the number of recorded […]

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Keystone Realtors Redefining Urban Life: Mumbai Redevelopment Projects |Mumbai real estate news|

Keystone Realtors |Mumbai real estate news |Mumbai Redevelopment projects By taking on renovation projects for two Mumbai societies, Keystone Realtors has demonstrated its dedication to the city’s urban renewal. The real estate developer wants to modernize Mumbai’s residential infrastructure by revitalizing and transforming these communities. Redeveloping these societies is in line with Keystone Realtors‘ strategic […]

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Supreme Court Cancels Bail Granted to Wadhawan Brothers(Kapil Wadhawan & Dheeraj Wadhawan) in Bank Loan Scandal(DHFL)

A panel of Justices Bela M. Trivedi and S. C. Sharma declared that both the trial court and the high court wrong in giving them bail to Kapil Wadhawan & Dheeraj Wadhawan. In the case involving the bank loan scandal involving millions of rupees, the Supreme Court on Wednesday cancelled the bail granted to former […]

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Use of drone in Farming |Drone Didi Yojana | Agrochemical Industry Outlook 2024: Cautious Optimism Amidst Challenges

Drone Didi Yojana| Use of drones for farming for spraying fertilizer and agrochemical on crop.| The agrochemical firm has approached 2024 with cautious hope, following the challenges of 2023. In 2023, the agriculture sector’s GVA fell to 1.8%, while the underlying primary drivers for the agrochemical business remained unchanged. The second half of 2023 saw […]