Keystone Realtors Redefining Urban Life: Mumbai Redevelopment Projects |Mumbai real estate news|

Keystone Realtors, Mumbai redevelopment projects, mumbai real estate news

Keystone Realtors |Mumbai real estate news |Mumbai Redevelopment projects

By taking on renovation projects for two Mumbai societies, Keystone Realtors has demonstrated its dedication to the city’s urban renewal. The real estate developer wants to modernize Mumbai’s residential infrastructure by revitalizing and transforming these communities.
Redeveloping these societies is in line with Keystone Realtors‘ strategic goal of raising the standard of life in Mumbai. The renovation initiatives aim to improve the inhabitants’ entire living experience via thorough planning, design, and construction.

Following the announcement that the business would be redeveloping the plot and premises of two societies, which would result in income of up to Rs 1200 crore.

In Malad (W), Mumbai, Maharashtra, on a combined land area of 12,120 square meters, Veena Nagar Co-operative Housing Society Limited and NeelKamal Ghruh Cooperative Housing Society Limited have selected Keystone Realtors Ltd as the developer to reconstruct their plot and premises.

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This move will improve Rustomjee’s position in the expanding Mumbai western suburbs and is consistent with the company’s plan to construct a varied portfolio across ticket levels.

It is expected that Keystone Realtors’ rehabilitation projects, which combine modern facilities, design elements, and sustainability features, would redefine urban life. The communities that make up these societies should benefit from the efforts, which will help Mumbai’s residential fabric seem more contemporary and lively.

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