SG Mart Limited: A Remarkable Journey from ₹94 to ₹11,370 – Unveiling the Unprecedented 12,000% Surge in 3 Years |Stock market news

SG Mart, sensex, nifty, stocks

| STOCK MARKET NEWS |₹ 94 to ₹ 11,370: A Multibagger in the realm of green energy stocks metamorphoses an investment of ₹ 10,000 into a staggering ₹ 12.10 Lakhs within a mere 3-year span.

SG Mart, sensex, nifty, stock market news,
SG Mart limited, sensex, nifty, stock market news, stocks,







In the post-Covid era, an array of stocks showcased on the Indian market stage has presented formidable returns. The stakeholders has generated 12000 percent return from a small cap stocks under span of just three years.

Marking its presence with a market capitalization of Rs 6,341.61 crores, SG Mart Limited concluded its trading session on a triumphant note, securing a 2 percent upper circuit at Rs 11,371. The stock reached its zenith with a new 52-week high price, closing the week with a sealed value.

Analyzing BSE data unveils the stock’s spectacular performance, delivering an astronomical 12,000 percent return in a brief three-year window. Commencing at Rs 94 in January 2021, the current stock valuation exemplifies a noteworthy ascension in the market hierarchy.

For those astute individuals who allocated Rs 10,000 into this stock three years ago, the transformation is nothing short of spectacular, culminating in a princely sum of Rs 12.10 lakhs.

A closer inspection of the company’s standalone financials reveals dynamic shifts in pivotal business metrics, with operating revenues surging from Rs 506 crores in Q2FY23-24 to an impressive Rs 748 crores in Q3FY23-24. Meanwhile, after-tax profits underwent an exponential surge, more than doubling from Rs 8 crores to Rs 17 crores within the same timeframe. Despite these positive indicators, annualized performance metrics reported a downturn, with the return on equity (RoE) receding from 2.51 percent in FY21-22 to 1.61 percent in FY22-23. Simultaneously, the return on capital employed (RoCE) experienced a decrement from 3.43 percent to 2.19 percent during this chronological spectrum.

The latest shareholding data, reflecting the scenario as of the September 2023 quarter, depicts Promoters holding a commanding 75 percent stake, leaving the Public (retail) investors with the remaining 25 percent in the company’s ownership mosaic.

Established in 1985, SG Mart Limited, previously identified as “Kintech Renewables Limited,” is deeply entrenched in the domain of providing wind and solar energy solutions, complemented by the execution of diverse Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) Projects.

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