Maldives president Muizzu courts investors in China as ties with India sag

Maldives presdient Muizzu

Maldives president Mohamed Muizzu courts the investors in China  as the relation between India and Maldives gets sag.

The Maldives president Muizzu  at “Invest Maldives” forum shook hands with local officials of China and exchanges words with a smile on a southern Chinese port city.

After the forum in Fuzhou on Tuesday, 9 January Muizzu will meet Chineese President Xi Jinping and Li Qiang in Beijing to signed the pacts of infrastructure of tourism to Maldives.

Muizzu won the “India Out” campaign in november and became the president of Indian Ocean Nation. He called the huge influence by the New Delhi’s citizens, Indian citizens are threat to our sovereignty. His government asked Indian military personnel to leave results in relation between India to sag. Now Muizzu visited China without any visit to his neighbour country India  which has not a great relation with China.

Muizzu stated China remained one of his country’s “closest allies and developmental partners”, according to a statement released by his office.

Muizzu added  the free trade between two countries would be carried by primarily exporting fish to China is the key priority.

Fishing is the largest source of employment for peoples in Maldives, as it has  99% of its territory comprises of sea.

Muizzu also said that Maldives government is keen to explore the partnership under Xi’s belt and Road Initiative which includes expansion of country’s central airport and commercial port.

Under the Belt and Road initiative,  China has already helped expand the Velana International Airport. China built the cross-sea China-Maldives Friendship Bridge.

China also invested $1.37 billion in the Maldives since its decision to join Belt and Road initiative in 2014, data from the American Enterprise Institute think tank shows.

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