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working tips at home in lockdown

Work From Home Tips | Working Tips in Lockdown

A lot of people are now working from home in lockdown, work from home tips, it has become almost the new normal, and social media is full of suggestions on how to make it as productive as possible. But, everyone has different jobs and different workspace, some living alone, others with families or flatmates, no one t one size fits all ‘solution for all. It can be really hard to work from home if you don’t use it, so we have made some suggestions that might help you.

Alternate Your Work Areas in Lockdown

• Sit at different places to work – You cannot do this in the office, but in your own home you have to choose where to set up. Maybe start the morning at the kitchen table then go to the couch if you have something that needs your full attention or a long video call.

• Try a standing desk – There is a lot of debate as to whether you increase productivity by standing up while working, but you will definitely move around more. Why not try to take a few calls on your feet or answer those emails while standing. There is also a theory that a standing desk can help if you are starting to feel claustrophobic in your workspace.

       working tips at home

Exercise and Self Care in Lockdown

• Try to meditate before and after work – even if you have never tried meditation, but studies have shown that just a few minutes really help you focus on your thoughts and relax. can do.

• Walk around – If you are not going to the other end of the office to make a cup of tea, or getting up to go to the printer, you are not likely to stay in one place much longer. Each time, get up and do some simple stretches. In the privacy of your own home, no one is going to see if you suddenly swing your hands above your head or do some lungs!

• Stepping outside – If possible, use your break for a walk to get some fresh air. A change of scenery is actually very good at helping reduce your stress levels and maintain your concentration levels.

Keep a routine in Lockdown

• Set an alarm for the same time each day – make sure you give yourself time to get into the frame of mind that it normally provides for you to do your work. Waking up fifteen minutes before your first zoom call may not be the most productive way to start the day.

• Get Ready – Pajamas can be attractive but getting dressed subconsciously every day puts you in a more professional frame of mind. You are not required to wear a suit at this time, but neither should you stick to your favorite fluffy dressing gown.

• Take regular breaks – make a cup of tea, look out of the window, have a quick conversation with your family or colleagues. It is not healthy to sit for hours in front of your screen without a break.

working tips in lockdown at home

• Give yourself a lunch – You can skip lunch at the office, but so close to the kitchen you have no excuse to take a break and make yourself a sandwich or snack. Take time from your laptop or screen to eat it. This will help you focus for the afternoon.

• Shut everything down and put it away / shut it down – You can’t get out of the office each day and close your traffic at home, but you can make sure what you want at the end of your work day. Go to the place where you normally rest.

What to do During working hours 

• Stay away from social media – This can be tempting but it is a terrible time waste, especially if there is no one stopping you from scrolling through your phone. Turn off apps if needed and take your phone out of reach.

• Listen to music – Background music can really help your mood and productivity and block the sound of the washing machine. It can also mimic the noise of your office environment, helping you stay focused, and you can always mute it when meeting or making calls.

working tips in lockdown at home

• Check in with your colleagues – working from home can be isolated – so make sure you are meeting or talking to your team as much as your work allows. A two-minute chat at the water cooler can often give you a chance to recharge, so working from home doesn’t mean you still can’t connect with colleagues.

Sharing your home in Lockdown

Working with children can make it difficult for your children to balance recreational, schoolwork with work productivity.

• Be as flexible as possible – plan meetings around naptimes. If appropriate, try to work in the early morning.

• Keep them occupied – Start a movie or favorite TV program before an important call or meeting or deadline.

• Set a limit for older children – If the post-it note is on the door or on top of the monitor, tell them you can’t be upset.

• Set a creative task or project – Give children something to do each day that will keep them busy.

• Use your breaks – talk to your partner or play with your children,

Keep yourself motivated during working hours

Cabin fever has effectively discouraged many remote workers around the world due to the feeling of loneliness that brought the lockdown. Many companies usually do not allow their employees to listen to music at work because it can distract them from their work or disrupt communication in the office; However, remote workers are exempt from this rule.

Remote employees can elevate music as loudly as possible to get their spirits up and inspire them to be more productive. They can also try watching motivational videos to start the day. Employees should also not spend too much time listening to the news, so that they are not discouraged from all the negative updates they hear about the virus.

Dress is suitable for job

People working from home try to wear whatever they want to their employers and managers to work, not being able to see what they are wearing with video calls. Not wearing appropriate clothing for the office can prevent a person from realizing that they are participating in the work environment and limiting productivity.

Dressing for a job can affect a behavior and can help increase productivity. Financial sector remote workers can wear the clothes they usually wear when communicating with customers so that they can continue interacting professionally.

Wearing appropriate business-attire to get an employee to communicate professionally can also potentially help the employee follow the rules by staying professional.

Stay in touch with friends, loved ones and the local community
The isolation resulting from the lockdown caused many remote workers to become stressed and lose morale. Many employees may also be unmotivated and unproductive with their work. It is advisable to keep in touch with friends and loved ones to help eliminate feelings of loneliness.

working tips in lockdown at home

Being able to keep in touch, people encourage each other and virtually bond. Employees can send mobile messages or make phone calls to contact other people. Companies should be able to record SMS messages and monitor phone calls to ensure that remote workers have not sent any inside information and suspicious content.

Call monitoring allows firms to ensure that their employees do not give sensitive information to whoever they are talking to.

At least distract when working

Many remote employees, irrespective of the field, are also employees of a firm apart from parents. Lockdown is a perfect time for parents to have more relationships with their children, but there may be some consequences as children distract those who are working.

Children can be noisy, especially when left unsupervised, but give them something to do, they can annoy anyone while they are enjoying themselves. Watching videos or listening to music while children are wearing their headphones is a good way to prevent them from making noise.

A noisy work environment can also be distracting and hinder productivity, which is why people should reduce distracting, especially when receiving work calls. As companies are still required to follow various rules, call monitoring still occurs, and noise reduction can help people understand each other and ensure recording during calls.

Use messaging apps that are compliant in Mind

Many people around the world are using applications that do not exactly correspond to different rules. Employees should still ensure that they are not violating data retention laws while sending and maintaining messages.

A former VTB banker was accused of non-compliance after removing his WhatsApp, even though it was required to be submitted as part of the investigation. Remote workers should not make a mistake like this, which involves misreading and hiding messages. Employees should not do anything that can circumvent the firm’s measures for recording SMS messages.

working tips in lockdown at home

Employees belonging to regulated areas should handle their messages as if they are still in office and follow company rules. Following such rules reduces the chances of people being caught violating the rules. WhatsApp users in the financial sector must comply with WhatsApp MiFID regulatory requirements even while working at home and using applications as per company guidelines.

Stick to the regulatory-complaint message resolution provided by the company
Firms in regulated sectors have already ensured the possibility of investing in solutions so that they can comply with regulations. Remote employees only use it to ensure that the company should never be charged with non-compliance to ensure that they are never required to provide communication data for investigation.

Time Management in Lockdown

It is much easier to get distracted with doing household chores, watching jelly or zoning on the Internet rather than working in the daytime. Self discipline and motivation are key to successful home work with no one to monitor.

Set your own set hours to work on time when you know you are least likely to be distracted. If you have classic office hour customer roles to respond by telephone, set a time for this. For example, I am available for calls between 10 and 12 o’clock every day. For non-client facing tasks, you may prefer to set aside a different time in the evening after the children are in bed or before they wake up in the morning. Decide what works for you and stick to those hours.

working tips at home

Do not be tempted to go into your office space outside these hours. This is the most difficult task, especially when your telephone gives you a message, which you will have to answer. Be disciplined. Work within your working hours and do not work outside them. This will give you work life balance and you will need to survive your work hours and make you more efficient. Likewise, do not respond to being distracted during your work hours. The dog can wait for a walk and if you have done your planning properly, help with washing, cooking and homework is all done at the scheduled time.

Explain the rules to the family and make sure everyone understands them. If you have young children it is hard and you may have to work at bedtime to do this work or if you have this luxury you can take it with another parent.

If you are the boss managing home staff, use the project management tool to give your staff a set amount of time to work. I use a free online project management tool called trello for this. You can create work cards that can be entered when done, cards and color codes are discussed based on priority and etc.

Work Efficiency in Lockdown

You may well find that you are doing more efficient work from home (if you set the suggestions above) while you were in the office! However, it is difficult to motivate yourself and feel overwhelmed easily, not to discuss them with support and lack of ideas and creativity.

I am a list maker. I make a list of all the things I need to do at the beginning of the day and tick these off. If I get ahead of myself, I reward myself a little like a 10-minute break drinking coffee in the sun. I have no boss but I manage others and do the same for them. Scheduling team chats and conferences is important in your planning. My thoughts come to me when I go for a run in my ‘exercise hour’, when I let my mind wander! Find out what stimulates your creativity and make it into your plan.

Skype meetings are great if you have an adequate internet connection, but if the phone call is not as good. It is important to give feedback to colleagues for their work. You can’t go to their table and say ‘well’, but you can send them a smiley. We are on our own, but we can still communicate and to keep people motivated we need to have good communication, good discipline, clear work and schedule.

Dealing With Loneliness in Lockdown

Office banquet, saying hi to people on how to work, discussing ideas with colleagues disappears when you work from home. As an English person who had not spoken to any French living in a small French village, I had the added difficulty of having no one to speak in my own language and up to the classic support network of meeting with other parents There was no easy access, which I didn’t have time for anyway – I had a business to set up. So my social life was zero and my work life was in isolation. I had never felt so alone in my entire life. Our social life comes from both home and work and when you are off, you miss both.

working tips in lockdown at home

I soon discovered that speaking up on the phone was going to be my lifeline for a work social life, so without too much interference with the task at hand, I started asking strange personal questions to the stranger on the other end of the phone gave. It begins by summarizing how the weather is where you are and sharing snippets about your life. Oh, sorry, I should go now because I have to choose my son from hockey. The next link may be the necessary link when you find out that his son also plays hockey. This is the natural office banquet but over the phone. I have friends now working who I am very close to but never met!

From a social point of view, the telephone also became my lifeline, but it soon became clear that my English friends had absolutely no idea what I was doing – they felt that I was leading a ‘good life’ in France.

Last Important Lines

Now, it’s time to say hello to the neighbors you never see in lockdown. Talking on the fence of the garden respects the rules of social perversion and you will need a lot of human interaction in these difficult times. Try looking for lonely or single parents with young children who will need adult human interaction even more – even if it is from your balcony to talk about the weather.

We are all going to get accustomed to a new way of living for an undefined period of time and we need to find people who are struggling, isolated or simply overwhelmed. We can do this together with respect, thoughtfulness and kindness and we can still tick off parts of the economy from the comfort of our pajamas.


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