The Prime Minister Modi felicitated Kasi People

The Prime Minister felicitated Kasi People- Congress or RJD, they are in the wrong thinking. They can not understand the 21st century India. They want to keep Bihar and the country in the dark. Everybody living in the village has a bank account, we have tried it through the Jan Dhan Yojana.

So far the work of changing the post offices to the bank is taken to every village. Your servant is the longest Chief Minister in Gujarat. For five years, I have been the Prime Minister of the country, but for a moment I have not lived for myself nor for my relatives.

The Prime Minister Modi felicitated Kasi People

For me, you are my family. 130 crore country people, are my family.We have reduced their suffering by making crores of toilets for the mothers and sisters living in the village. We have given free gas connections to the poor sisters.

Every poor living in the village has a permanent roof, even our government is working on this. Kausi is not just two letters for me but it is an ongoing inspiration of spirituality, religion and culture in my Rom Romana.

My good fortune is that you gave me the opportunity to work on Kashi’s holy land as a servant. The Kashi on which Baba Viswanath is fascinated, what is the need of anyone? But some life of my life Kashi and Kashishas could come, it is satisfying to me.

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