Sunny Deol survived a major road accident

Actor turned politician Sunny Deol survived an accident on Monday when a SUV tire broke out while passing through the Amritsar-Gurdaspur National Highway.
Police said that at least four of the vehicles running in Sunny Deol’s convoy collided with each other. However, no injuries have happened in the incident. During the incident, the actors were going to the road show. After this he left the scene in another vehicle.

sunny deol
Sunny Deol survived a major road accident

Prior to this, Sunny, in the election campaign, said in a meeting that people ask questions about being outsiders and I say that I have not come to answer the things that are going on here.
Sunny Deol said, “I have come here to work and serve the people. I have come here to do my work. My work is to understand the people and my field. “The opposition is accusing the well-known actor and son of former MP Dharmendra, Sunny, that they have no understanding about Punjab.

Tell the Sunny Deol Gurdaspur, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Akali Dal are the candidates of coalition. In this seat, late actor Vinod Khanna was MP four times. In April 2017, he died due to cancer.

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