Sunil Shetty admits his mistake

Sunil Shetty was one of Bollywood lead actors in the 90’s. Akshay, Ajay Devgan and Sunil Shetty were named after the action heroes in the industry. But gradually, at different times of all three careers reached over time. While Akshay and Ajay Devgan kept their hold on today, Sunil Shetty could not join the race due to some of his mistakes. Sunil Shetty herself has heard this thing. In an interview given to a website, 57-year-old Sunil spoke openly about the success of his career and colleagues.

Sunil Shetty admits his mistake

Sunil said, “Today when I look at Akshay and Ajay I feel proud. I salute them. He is my closest friend. The position that they have achieved today inspires me. I do not burn. I have made mistakes and because of them I am here today. I greatly appreciate both of them and think that I wish they were like them. For that, I have to work hard. ‘

Sunil talked about his mistakes too. He said, ‘I was emotional, I never planned my career. Nor has the planning of fluctuations. If I fall, then fall, if my friday is not good today, then all this is due to my mistakes. ‘ He said, ‘I would never go anywhere thinking that the last Friday’s release was hit or flop, I am strong on my brain and I trust myself.’

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