PM NARENDRA MODI movie’s Public review

From the players to the war martyrs. Bollywood has made biopic biopic on individual celebrities. But this week there is such biopic. The biggest player of the field of politics Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi

Even before the Election Commission came to the Election Commission. The makers of the film had announced the return of Modi, which is also visible on the posters. The story of the film begins with the swearing-in ceremony of 2014. From his childhood in the flashback, discussing the tea shop. His term as a pilgrim in the Himalayas and as a Union campaigner. His working time as Chief Minister of Gujarat. Godhra scandal and politics His journey to reach the summit of Omung Kumar Umang Kumar. Who made a film like Mary Kom Marie, made this film.

If we watch the film, forget that it is a movie based on the life of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, whom you do not know. Nor can you make any sense of their life. If the film is seen only from the film’s perspective. Then the film definitely keeps you bound. Some part of the film is definitely like a documentary but still you become a partner in the journey of a small child. If more work done on the script of the film then its level would be different.

Talking about acting, Vivek Oberoi succeeded in shaping Modi even while not imitating Modi. Mohan Joshi has also given a good performance in the character of BJP president Amit Shah. Senior artists like Zarina Wahab and Rajendra Gupta double the splendor of the screen. Technically the cinematography of the film is amazing. It would have been better if some other work done on editing. The background score of the film is excellent due to which the film keeps you tied.

Overall, if you want to know about the PM Modi’s life and the ups and downs of life, then you can go to see this movie.