The Punjab Government has taken up the task of saving the glorious history of 250 years old Jind principality. There are approximately 850 rare photographs in this principality, which have been digitized by the Tourism Department of Punjab. However, there is no big sign about Jind today. Even the fort here has also been destroyed. In Jand province, in 1763, the rule of the Fulkis Sikhs was established. After the war with Nabha, Sangrur became a part of this princely state, in 1827, the headquarters of the state was shifted from Jind to Sangrur. Since then, from the activities of the state to the development center, Sangrur remains. Sangrur had strategic and business importance at that time.
Punjab Government also collect some pictures from 1905 to the next several years.


The black and white photographs preserved by the Punjab government have started around the year 1905 and have been next years. Among them are Raja, Market, Lady Minto, Ranbir Girls College, Veterinary Hospital, Junk Special and Durbar Hall, High School, Golden Jubilee Hospital, Rajpur Special Train, visiting the Regiment, standing at the station on the occasion of reaching Sangrur. At the same time, there is a photograph of Paraj from King George’s coronation in Delhi. Economic and social situations picture that photos.

Looking at the pictures, it seems that Sangur was quite developed at that time. Pictures also describe the economic and social conditions of that time. Tourism Department assigns photographs to a private company to protect It takes about three years to do this work. After that the department digitized all the photographs from Punjab Digital Library so that it would be available for generations to come forever. All the photographs have now been delivered to Sangrur Library. A museum in Sangrur is under construction, the photograph will be displayed there as soon as it is made.

Interesting disclosures from photographs

Another interesting disclosure has been done by the photograph of Jind principality. The way in which India Trade Fair or World Trade Fair is organized today, in which large companies join, there was also this arrangement in that era. Photos of Jind principality include photos of Industrial and Agricultural Exhibition of Punjab North Western Front of Provence and Kashmir in 1909 in Lahore. It shows that it was organized on a large scale and it was attended by companies across the country. In that era, the layout of the exhibition site was prepared, there were pictures of it too. The Exhibition has photos of Castell’s many renowned companies, including the Mayo School of Art Lahore, Narayan Brush Factory Agra, Hand Bags of India, Dhariwal Woolen Mills.

History of jind

The kings of Jind, Patiala and Nabha princes have been from the same family. After the revolt against the Mughal emperor of Sirhind, after the rebellion of Chaudhari Phul, Gajpat Singh took over Jind principality in 1768 and became the first king. The boundaries of the Jind kingdom were spread to Dadri, Jind, Safidon, Karnal and Sangrur at that time. King Gajpat Singh died in 1789. After this, King Part Singh took over the throne and he remained king till 1819. In 1819, King Fateh Singh took charge of the office. Sangat Singh was made king after his death in 1822. Raja Sangat Singh had no children. After his death in 1834, the power struggle started in the royal family, which lasted for three years. During this time, the wife of King Fateh Singh took over the governorship After this, Swaroop Singh sat on the throne in 1837. He remained king till 1884. Raja Raghubir Singh got power from 1884 to 1887. Due to the death of his son Balbir Singh, he went directly to his grandson, King Ranbir Singh, from King Raghubir Singh. This period proved very bad in the history of Jind principality. Kings of Jind principals openly cooperated with the British and during the rebellion, Jind principals fought against the British side. As part of its reward, breaking Jhajjar principality, its share was given to Dadri Jind principality.

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