• Nirav Modi appeared for the first time in 13 months after the PNB scam.
  • Nirav, living in London’s West End area, paying 15 lakh rupees for the month.
  • 13700 crores PNB scam accused, appeared in February 2018 scam.

Nirav Modi, accused of the PNB scam, is living in London’s West End area. He has changed the hall and he is living in an apartment of 8 million pounds (about 72 million rupees). According to the report of the English newspaper Telegraph, Neerav is paying 17 thousand pounds (about 15.5 lakh rupees) of apartment every month. Indian officers have freeze accounts of Nirav Interpol has issued a Red Corner Notice for his arrest. Nirav is still running a business in London.

Nirav Modi is accused in the PNB scam of Rs 13700 crore In this case, Enforcement Directorate is investigating money laundering. Nirav had last month sent a reply to the special court saying he could not come to India due to security reasons.

According to the report- Nirav has also been issued a National Insurance Number in London under which it can not only legitimize the business here but can also use the account of the British Bank.

ED filed an application against Nirav in the Prevention of Money Laundering (PLLA) Court. ED wants Nirav to be declared a fugitive under the Economic Fugitive Criminal Law-2012. The PMLA court had sought the response from the ED on the petition of ED.

In December, Nirav’s lawyer also pleaded for security in a special court. He said that Nirav’s return can not be because he is threatened with lobbying on his return to India. The court refused to accept this argument. The court had said that it has nothing to do with our case. If there is any danger, then Nirav should call for police protection.

In March this year, Nirav Modi’s attachment was attached to the Directorate of Property Enforcement (ED) of Rs 147.72 crore. This action was taken in Mumbai and Surat. The property which was attached in both cities includes 8 cars, a plant, machinery, jewelery, petting and real estate.

The Enforcement Directorate is continuously taking action to attach the properties of Nirav in the country and abroad. In October, property worth 255 was attached in Hong Kong. Earlier, property worth Rs 637 crore was attached to Nirav and kin.

In February 2018, the PNB scandal was revealed. Nirav had fled abroad before this. Nirav and his Mama Mehul Surakshi transferred the money through banks through the fake letter of undertakings and transferred abroad. The government is engaged in extradition efforts of both. Vigilance has taken the citizenship of Antigua.

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