Mayawati strongly condemns BJP and Narendra Modi

The PM Shri Narendra Modi’s government has ended, its convincing evidence is that the RSS has left it with them, and due to their gross debate, the volunteers do not work hard in the elections, due to heavy anti-people stance. There are those who are exempt from Mr. Modi’s sweat.
To ward off the public, the country has seen so many leaders as valet, chief minister, tea rice and watchman etc. Now the country needs a pure PM to run according to the right welfare intention of the constitution. The people have cheated many such people, they are not cheating anymore.

Mayawati strongly condemns BJP and Narendra Modi

It seems so clear in roadshow and place-worship has become a new electoral fashion. This roadshow is heavily spend of money and time. The expenditure should be included in the expenditure of the candidate. If any party uses roadshows in support of the candidate. Then he should also included in party expenditure.

Also, if any candidate is banned for campaigning for violation the code of conduct. If he goes to temples and places of worship in a common place and then he is promoted on a large scale in the media, then also on him. It should be stopped. The Commission must also take some steps on this.

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