how to earn money in 2020

Earnings Option Strategy 2020 Best Business Plans

Earning Option Strategy 2020 Best Business Plans

Earning money is always tied to traditional ‘offline’ methods found in the real world. With the internet taking up a big part of our lives, more people are looking for ways to earn money online to increase their financial flow.earning strategy 2020

However, you have to be careful with the platform you choose. While there are many ways to earn money online, some of these scams can end, so you have to be careful. Also, do not expect to earn a large amount quickly when using online avenues to earn money.

Here are some online platforms, websites and resources that can help you earn money online.


Freelancing has always been a popular way to earn money online and the Internet has a plethora of options. There are many websites offering freelance tasks for people with different skills. All you have to do is create your account, browse through the listings, and apply for the task that suits you. Some websites may also require you to create a personal list with details of your skills, so that interested customers can contact you directly. Freelancing (Blogging) Vs Full-time Job: Is Freelancing Be… |,,, and are some of the websites that provide freelance jobs. You can earn anywhere between $ 5 and $ 100 through these websites.

But remember, you will be paid only after completing your work and it has been approved by your client. It can also mean that the work has to be modified several times until the needs of your customers are met. Some sites may ask you to set up a PayPal account, as most customers prefer to pay through it.

Start your own website

There is enough content available online to help you create your own website. This includes choosing domains, templates, and designs for your website. After you are ready to serve visitors with relevant content, sign up for Google Adsense, which helps you money when your website appears and when visitors click. The more traffic to your website, the higher your earning potential.

Affiliate Marketing

Once your website is up and running, opt for affiliate marketing by allowing companies to put web links on your site. When visitors to your site buy products or services by clicking on such links, you get from it.

Survey and search and review

There are many websites that pay money to conduct online surveys, search online and write reviews on products. To get credit, one needs to disclose certain information including their banking details. This is why you should use this route with extreme caution. Some of them may also ask you to register with them before working on projects. The most important watch in such projects is to stay away from websites that offer money that sounds too good to be true. Be careful when evaluating a website’s reputation as many of them can be a scam. Most sites promote businesses showing copies of check payments that have probably been given to middlemen.

Virtual Assistantship

What a virtual assistant (VA) does is do all the corporate stuff from one’s home. VAs basically work remotely with their clients and manage aspects of their business that they are too busy to handle themselves. When you work as a virtual assistant, you can choose to work as an employee or you can set up your own business.

VAs are skilled, home-based professionals who provide administrative support to companies, businesses and entrepreneurs. Some of the major areas of work include making phone calls, email correspondence, internet research, data entry, scheduling appointments, editing, writing, book keeping, marketing, blog management, proofreading, project management, graphic design, technical support, customer service, Are included. Event Planning, and Social Media Management.


Knowing a language other than English can help you earn some extra bucks. There are many websites that offer translation projects that require translation of a document from one language to another. This may include Spanish, French, Arab, German, or English or any other language.

For many people, this can work rather than time-consuming and so they hire translators available online from anywhere around the world. Many websites such as,, or give you a platform to become a professional translator.earning strategy 2020

Those who do not have the knowledge or do not have time to complete their projects, do their work on these platforms where you can register and start bidding on translation jobs and in the range of 1-Rs 5 Can pay per word. It can go up to 10 rupees for some languages.

Online Tuition

If you specialize in a particular subject, you can earn by tutoring people online. Online tutoring provides a means of connecting with students of all ages across the country, to provide homework assistance and tuition in subjects for which you have demonstrated expertise.

On a website,,,, can sign up as an online tutor by creating a profile and listing the subjects or classes you want to teach, how much you need Experience, what are your qualifications, etc. Some platforms may provide flexible and convenient time to work as an online tutor.

Most platforms follow the process that will ask you to apply by filling in a simple form, and then giving a learning demo to your experts. Once selected, documentation and profile creation will be done, followed by training and induction webinars. Once you participate in the webinar, you will be listed as a teacher and will receive your online sessions to conduct. Beginners can make around Rs 200 per hour, which can increase up to Rs 500 with experience and expertise gained.

Social Media

Apart from interacting with friends and strangers, social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat can be used to make money. Companies and popular brands pay social media strategists to further boost the popularity of their products. With a lot of competition all around and a constant reduction in the time of online audience attention, creativity is necessary to create posts, videos, etc., which can quickly go viral and increase brand value. Remember, social media requires dedicated time and energy to stay relevant. Therefore, you need to share posts regularly and interact regularly with your followers.

Web Designing

Not all business owners are tech savvy, but the need of the hour is to have a website of their own. Those who have a knack for all things — technology, especially related to websites, can help small businesses set up their own websites and earn from it. Web Design Html - Free image on PixabayCoding and web designing are essential material in setting up a website. In addition, websites require maintenance and require frequent updates, which can add to one’s revenue. A single project can fetch you anywhere between Rs 20,000 to Rs 1 lakh, depending on the client and job.

Content Writing

Online platforms can be a good starting point. Depending on the quality of the articles, one is paid. May be asked to work on articles with specific guidelines. Develop a niche in your area of ​​expertise and build strength in that domain to increase revenue flow.

Rafael Binary Option Strategy

Rafael Binary Option Strategy. Rafale binary options strategy is considered an ultra short term trading strategy which is similar to scalping. It is extremely popular among many traders for its simplicity and profitable results. Essentially, the strategy calls for a careful inspection of the market in three different timeframes of the decreasing scale. Initially, the trader would observe the market on a chart of one-hour time frame, then move down to the 15-minute chart and finally to the five-minute chart. The comments aim to try to understand the current market trend and see where the price reversal is likely.

RSI and Stochastic Indicators

The simplicity and easy adoption of the Rafale simple strategy is mainly due to its heavy reliance on the use of two technical indicators, the RSI and the stochastic indicators. RSI is used to determine the market trend. If the reading is more than 50, the market trend is increasing. Conversely, if the reading is less than 50, it means that the market trend is on the decline. For determining the strength of the trend, it returns to the stochastic indicator. Generally, stochastic values ​​should support the trend values ​​indicated by the RSI. Forex Money Profits - Free image on PixabayStrong signals are indicated when both the RSI and the stochastic values ​​are indicated by the replication chart. It should also be noted that RSI readings should follow the market trend and not at the level of the signal line as it will give an incorrect signal.

Once both the RSI and the stochastic indicators are deviating from the hourly chart trend, then it is time to focus on 15 minutes and plot the support and resistance line. After the support and resistance lines are drawn, the trader must start looking for any signs that the market is reversing. When the market reversal is confirmed, the trader can now focus on his 5-minute chart to determine the best time to enter and exit the market. Use the stochastic indicator on the 5-minute chart to see the condition of the overbought or oversold market. Any dip or peak in the value of the stochastic indicator will indicate a buy, depending on the direction of the trend. This observation will hold true until the stochastic price begins to bend or an overbought market is indicated.

Overall, the strategy is good because it allows a trader to ride a large range rather than just a small segment midway through trend reversal. In addition, with the use of RSI and stochastic indicators, the trader concentrates on the major support and trend following resistance lines, giving the trader a long window to enter the market.

Earning 25% per month using Option strangle strategy

Just wanted to share my options trading strategy which has the potential to earn 25% per month. I personally have been doing the same for the last 4 months, consistently getting 25% every month. Although my test deadline is still short, I want to share with you guys and you are getting ur response on this.

File:Relaxed Cartoon Man Earning Money Online.svg - Wikimedia Commons

Please give your suggestions / corrections after your review.
The investment required will be higher as we will not get much profit with 1-2 lots.

This trading strategy is completely based on LUCK.

Now coming to this strategy:

1. This strategy works well only when NIFTY is trading above 5200 (I think). So when you see the Nifty below 5200, do not try this strategy. (Though if the Nifty is about to go up … then the profit potential of this strategy will also increase).

2. This option is based on strangers. Means, we are going to buy a CALL option and a PUT option at the same time.

3. Wait for 4-6 trading sessions from the beginning of every month (calendar start, not contract start).

4. Now see the level of Nifty.
-> Check the price of call options for strike above (and near) the current Nifty price.
-> Check the price of PUT options for a strike below (and near) the current Nifty price.
For example, if the Nifty is at 5980, then check 6000 calls and 5900 puts.

5. Add both values ​​and enter the trade for a total <= 150 points.

6. Wait for a trading session of 6 to 7 days for a large movement on either side of the Nifty. Once your total Nifty points increase to the 190 limit, exit the trade and you get 25% return on investment. : Clapping:

Now we will discuss the most important points of this trading method, which is NEGATIVES for most traders:
1. If the Nifty is in range for 6-7 days after entering the trade and you sell your options?
easy. You will loose money up to 25% of ur investment.
My view: This happens very rarely in our market. At least not every month. To see for yourself, check the previous data. Because to increase the 40 points in the option (call / put), you will need 150 point movement in 1 direction in Nifty which is most likely wil or in another password, it will not happen every month: thumb:

2. If the Nifty is in the range for 6-7 days after entering the trade and you do not sell your options?
You are taking more risk and naturally the reward will be more than 25% …. sometimes even 80-100%. The reason for this is that the Nifty is in the range of more than 6-7 days and bull-bears are working hard to pull. When one of them becomes successful, you will see a big movement in the Nifty.

3. Why is this strategy not working well when the Nifty was trading in the <5200 range?
Because, when the Nifty moves around 4000, it is 2.5% (approx.)… Whereas the Nifty moves 150 points when it is @ 4500 (say) only by 3.3%. Can be corrected which is significant compared to 2.5% (about 30% more movement expected). And if Nifty is trading @ 10000, then we can get profit with just 1-1.5% movement. 🙂

Note: This discussion is purely for sharing ideas and not recommending anyone to do business based on it.

Option Trading Strategy

If you are just getting started in option trading, you can consider how much money you should invest in your new business.

This is one of the common questions that is in the mind of a newbie and here I am going to discuss it for you.

By the way, no amount is considered as a small amount until you start your journey as a stock market.

Just as we need it in real estate business, it is not necessary to invest large amount at the initial level.Chart Trading Courses - Free photo on Pixabay

Yes, you can start your business with only 5000 RS and one more thing that you keep in mind is that you should set up an adequate emergency fund that gives you backup for an unexpected event.

As a newbie, you should not know the basics of risk management so an emergency fund can support you in your initial 3 to 6 months.

Futures and commodity markets allow day traders a better exchange for the day.

Depending on the brokerage, you can open a future account with $ 2,500, while many require $ 5,000 to $ 10,000.

It is not equivalent to “margin”, which is the base measure of capital held in your account with a specific end goal.

The required margin depends on the market turnover and the current level of unpredictability.

For example, to trade a single live cattle future contract you may need an “initial margin” of $ 1,650 to start trading, and it should not dip under $ 1,200 which is your “maintenance margin”. ” Will happen.

For a start in option market trading, all these things seem more misleading as it can lead to loss of investment.

Therefore option trading is a decidedly risky financial activity that should only be practiced by those who have acquired effective risk management and asset allocation strategies.

You can learn to develop your skills according to your needs. Various modules are available to give you proper knowledge.

Option trading basic courses are offered by some advanced level courses like IFMC, Institute of Money Management, NIFTY, NCFM Academy and many other institutes.

Whether you are a beginner or a working professional, you can bring courses like options trading, financial trading, stock trading, foreign exchange, technical analysis, day trading, future trading, investing, personal finance strategies and many more.

Top 5 tips in option trading Strategy

Options are considered the best risk mitigation tool for investment.
Manage the risk carefully and cleverly as you may lose your investment at any time. So do not invest money outside your comfort zone.
Never buy an option that is cheap but attractive. The chances of success in these cases are very low.
One should never go for a breakdown because any unforeseen event can occur.
Always buy one option for every option you sell. This is how sales spread.
However, if you are ready to do the hard work required to pursue education and make money on it, then option trading can be a very rewarding and profitable one.


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