Best Education System In The World 2021

best education 2021

Best Education System In The World 2021

Education helps a person to grab basic understanding about civilization and their role as a citizen.

But as the geographical area varies, the education system in different countries varies.

Therefore, in this article, we will look at 20 such different education systems of the present world and their ranking through an annual survey.

Note: The list is prepared by considering some factors such as the education system developed for the public, the quality of basic and higher education and the rate of students attending the university.

Below is a list of 20 education systems in the world.

List of 20+ education systems

1. Finland

The title remains official; However, according to a recent survey, Finland has the best education system in the world. The country has been in the limelight since the year 2000 and successfully made in the year 2018.

finland in india

In fact, when five new criteria were added in the year 2017 for the classification of the best education systems worldwide, Finland was able to perform well and gave strong competition to South Korea and Japan. The country ranked high on indicators such as;

Teacher to student ratio
Number of students passed in primary schools
Number of students passed in secondary schools

Finland – The best country for higher education

According to 2000 figures, Finland has a literacy rate of 100% and continues to be so. The education system in Finland is designed for students opposing full-time education. Tertiary or higher education universities in Finland are divided into two areas – universities of traditional and applied sciences.

Traditional universities – also known as research-based universities, focus on theoretical learning of subjects.
Universities of Applied Science – Subjects under Applied Science mainly focus on either industry development projects or businesses that are required in the world such as medicines, etc.

Power Ranking Score: 114

2. Japan

Like Finland, Japan has retained its second position for three years. Despite so much competition from South Korea and other countries, it has risen to second place after failing.

japan education 2021

The main indicator contributing to its success has been the development of understanding of students between the ages of 5 and 14 years.

Power Ranking Score: 104

3. South Korea

South Korea has been the winner of three elections (the world’s 20 education systems), and has successfully earned third place each time. This has given Japan a strong competition for second place.

After Japan, only South Korea has done a good job in bringing immense development to the students between the ages of 5 and 14. According to the surveyors, the country would be a strong contender for second place, but some indicators lost it.

south korea education 2021

Some indicators that have deprived South Korea of ​​second place in the vote –

Decline in high school students exam scores (annual count)
Decline in test scores of graduate students (annual count)
Power Ranking Score: 101

4. Switzerland

Switzerland – Best Higher Education

switzerland education 2021

The Switzerland education system is praised and is included in the Best Education in the World list. The education system in Switzerland encourages its students to acquire educational knowledge from some of the country’s top ranking universities that focus on distributing knowledge of the individual’s desired curriculum. Program structure in universities focus on providing advanced information to its students in their tertiary schools / colleges i.e. higher education.

Power Ranking Score: 100

5. Denmark

Denmark has never been a prestigious country for its ranking in elections, yet it is known for its developed education system among the elite.

Earlier, Denmark was in 8th place, but due to passing five newly included indicators, it has taken a huge jump from 8th place to 4th place.

The indicator that helped Denmark jump to fourth place is the increase in teacher-to-student rations for secondary and primary schools.

Denmark – Best Country for Higher Education

With a 99% literacy rate in Denmark, the country is considered among the top educated countries in the world. The Danish education system has divided its secondary and tertiary level education into the following areas from which students can determine the education of their choice:

Types of Bachelor Degree in Denmark

Academy profession degree
Professional graduate
Degree above
Business academy degree
Bachelor of arts degree
Types of Post Graduate Degree in Denmark
Master’s Degree
Artistic master’s degree
PhD degree
Academia in Denmark is renowned for its unique settings at universities that declare to provide healthy knowledge to its enrolled students.

Power Ranking Score: 94

6. Russia

Even though Russia has secured the 5th position, it should be commended for being among the top 5 countries with the best education system in the world. Russia’s education system is known for preparing students for a field. It also has a good teacher-to-student ratio.

russia education 2021

If we talk in numbers, Russia has a ratio of 1 teacher to about 9 students.

Power Ranking Score: 91

7. Norway

Norway was 16th in the first quarter. However, with some changes in its education system, it jumped ten places and successfully dropped to 6th place. If we talk about its teacher-to-student ratio, this. 1 teacher to 10 students is approx. ‘

It competes well with Russia and Japan in term of teacher-to-student ratio.

Power Ranking Score: 82

8. United Kingdom

Although this country would have been a great contender for all five-pointers in the list, the current conflict between the government and teachers has brought it back to 7th place.

uk education 2021

The United Kingdom may be better off if the government judiciously handles current situations such as giving better salaries to teachers, increasing classroom support to students, and presenting each class with modern educational facilities.

United Kingdom – Best Country for Higher Education

In some parts of the United Kingdom the education system is managed by individual governments. The famous government of the United Kingdom is responsible for the education system in England where other parts of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are managed by their respective governments. Universities in Britain since their inception are well known worldwide which go back in history. The world education system lists the United Kingdom as one of the best places to study and acquire knowledge. The system addresses all subjects from art, business to management.

Power Ranking Score: 78

9. Israel

Israel is not ranked 8th in terms of education system, it is in second place in terms of better child upbringing and developed childhood. If we compare development with torture, then people can bring immense change and improvement.

Enrollment rates in primary schools and undergraduates have risen a lot, but still, it could not help Israel rank in the top 5 until next year.

Power Ranking Score: 77

10. Sweden

Like its other Nordic peers, Finland, Norway, and Denmark, Sweden have performed really well.

Its progress in the field of education has been impressive from 2015 to 2018. In terms of increasing enrollment of students between 15 and 18 years of age, it ranks third among countries.

sweden education 2021

However, one still has to work hard to improve his world top ranking to come in the first five.

Sweden – Best Country for Higher Education

The population of the country does not exceed 1 lakh. Sweden is undoubtedly one of the best destinations for higher education, with manageable citizens and an almost 100% literacy rate. Along with some of its general academic degrees, Sweden also offers a number of vocational and professional in areas such as engineering, law and medicine. The Swedish education system is quite pleasant and with the statistics derived, advanced educational practices in the country are highly reliable.

Power Ranking Score: 75

11. Hong Kong

If we take the final year turnout of the world’s top 20, Hong Kong was ranked 14th. It has worked really hard on key indicators and managed to reach the top 10.

The indicator that helped Hong Kong increase its status is the high enrollment rate of primary age students.

If it works on the enrollment of students of all ages and their passing test scores, it can increase its place and be counted in the top 5.

Power Ranking Score: 70

12. Netherlands

Unfortunately, the Netherlands has lost one place and dropped from 10th place to 11th place. The reason behind its negative acceleration is low international test scores in subjects like science, mathematics and reading.


If the country works on this indicator with others, it could possibly achieve its former status.

Netherlands – Best Country for Higher Education

The Dutch-based education system was established back in 1800 and has continued to implement new educational practices since then. The higher education system in the Netherlands is similar to the education system in Finland where university norms are divided into two areas.

Research-oriented university – WO (Wetenschappelijk onderwijs) refers to scientific education subjects, which focus on theoretical and research-based subjects such as arts or sciences. Students can independently research subjects after completing courses from WO universities or proceed to pursue a PhD-based degree.

Higher Vocational Education – HBO (hoger beroepsonderwijs) means higher learning and vocational training subjects, which focus on practical and applied science subjects that prepare students specifically for targeted occupations.

Power Ranking Score: 67

13. Belgium

With the most complex education system, three different communities such as Flemish, German and French, Belgium shines in 11th place.

During the annual survey, it ranked 4th and 9th for the teacher-to-student ratio and 5th for increasing enrollment of primary and secondary age students in the school.

To make it to the top 20, Belgium will have to work hard with two primary indicators,

1) enrollment rate of students and, 2) teacher-to-student ratio.

Power Ranking Score: 65

14. Germany

Germany is known worldwide for its social and economic justice. The country has worked hard to reach the top 10, but it could not happen due to some indicators not improving in the last two years.

Currently, the country is fighting to maintain a position in the top 10, but this cannot happen unless it brings the desired changes in the education system.

Power Ranking Score: 63

15. China

There is no doubt that China’s employment rate is very high, but still, this factor could not make the country a safe place in the top 10 list this year.


It was ranked 9 in the year 2016, but failed to replicate it in 2017 as well. Since then, China has been improving its education system to make it a place among the top 10 counties.

The only thing that could have helped China was an improvement in the enrollment rate of younger students.

Power Ranking Score: 62

16. Singapore

Known as the best test-taking country in the world, Singapore topped the primary and secondary international tests in the year 2016 in subjects such as mathematics, science and reading.

Later, the score settled down and struggled to secure the country’s highest position. They failed to achieve two indicators, enrollment of primary and secondary age students, and international test scores in mathematics, science and reading.

Singapore – Best Country for Higher Education

The Singapore education system is most developed in terms of program or word structure, quality of education, and values ​​offered by Asian schools and colleges. The Higher Secondary Education System in Singapore includes undergraduate, graduate, doctoral degree programs where students have the opportunity to learn in an advanced setting and structure provided by Singaporean universities and also prepare themselves for the work force environment. We do.

A good investment in the education sector can make this country shine again and gain a place in the top 10.

Power Ranking Score: 57

17. Portugal

Portugal has always shown a pendulum movement between below average, average and good.

In 2018, the country was predicted to secure a position in the top 20, but it failed. However, this year, the country not only entered the top-20 list, but also secured 16th position, which is comparatively good.

In terms of better enrollment rates for primary and secondary ages, it ranks second. If it works hard, it could soon make it to the top 15.

Power Ranking Score: 54

18. Hungary

Last year, Hungary finished 20th, but this year it managed to jump three ranks. If Hungary maintains its highest teacher-to-students ratio in secondary school, there is a possibility that it may end up in the top 15.


The only indicator, Hungary is unable to complete, is the high graduation rate.

Hungary could slip into the top 15 by balancing high graduation rates.

Power Ranking Score: 52

19. Estonia

From Northern Europe, Estonia is the 8th country to hold a rank. In 2018, it also failed to achieve a spot in the top 20, while this year, it managed to get 18th.


If the country does little work on indicators such as high enrollment rates and high international test scores of primary and secondary school students, it may achieve better status this year.

The only helping indicator in its development is the high completion rate of primary school students.

Power Ranking Score: 50

20. France

France remained in the top 20 last year with the highest enrollment rate of early childhood.

If it works hard and continues to invest sensibly in the education system, it can successfully maintain its position in the top 20.


Since the current government is taking extra care and investing in the educational system, it can secure a position in the top 10 by the year 2020.

Power Ranking Score: 50

21. United States

Due to the change in the government of the state, it will have to stay on the 20th position. In the previous year, it had finished 7th, but failed horrifically to retain it in this year.

Indicators are suggesting that the United States will either regain its position or lag behind a position.

Power Ranking Score: 47

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