Akshay Kumar was shocked when the poster of ‘Lakshmi Bam’ released

Recently the first look of Akshay Kumar’s controversial movie ‘Lakshmi Bam’ has released. Seeing Akshay’s look in the poster, the discussion about Pilm has begun. The film will release on June 5, 2020.

But there was a shocking news shortly after the film’s poster released. The film’s director Raghav Lawrence has left the film. Explaining why the director is behind this, he himself has shared a note on social media.

Raghav has shared in the caption while sharing this note: “Dear friends and fans … In this world more self esteem than money and fame is more important.” So I am deciding to get out of Kanchan remake Lakshmi bomb.
In this note, Raghav wrote that in Tamil, there is a famous saying that ‘in a house where you do not respect you should not go.


In this world money and fame holds more respect than self. For this reason I have decided to shore off the Lakshmi bomb. I do not want to disclose any reason because there are many reasons.
Raghav did not like the first look of the film
Raghav further wrote that, ‘One reason is that without the first information of my film. The first poster launched. But nothing had done to discus anything. I know about this information from the third person. It is very sad for a director to know about the release of his poster poster from any third person. As a creator I did not like the film’s first look at all.

In the poster, Akshay is wearing a mascara in his eyes. Those gestures that are visible on their face, people can easily guess how futile Akshay is for this role. Fans also get acquainte with this look of Akshay and made tremendous comments. You can read these comments here.

Raghav Lawrence is directing ‘Lakshmi Bam’. Raghav played a significant role in ‘Kanchana’ and also directed the sequel of ‘Kanchana’. In this Hindi remake, actor Amitabh Bachchan will also work in this movie. ‘Lakshmi Bam’ will release on June 5 next year. At present, Akshay is busy shooting for Rohit Shetty’s film ‘Suryavanshi’. In this film, he will see in the role of ATS Chief Vir Suryavanshi and his choice will be Katrina Kaif.