Grow Indigo raised 67 crore, will be utilise for driving future of sustainable agriculture | Grow Indigo Pvt Ltd |

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Grow Indigo Pvt Ltd

A joint venture has been formed between Indigo Ag, USA, and Mahyco in 2018 which was names as Grow Indigo.

On 28 January 2024, Grow India states that it has gained an amount of 67 crore in a funding round with a cumulative capital raise of more than $23 million (around ₹191 crore) to date. The company states that “The round saws interest in the investors and the amount raised will be utilised for driving the future of sustainable agriculture”. Grow Indigo promote innovation to meet current issues, increase yields, and promote sustainable agriculture. Grow Indigo believe growing more than crops creates opportunity for our farmers, partners, and workers.

The joint venture between Indigo Ag and Mahyco operates a carbon farming platform for small farmers in India. About 8,00,000 acres have already been enrolled in the company’s programs. The platform includes four carbon platforms in 13 states. The platform aims to reduce or remove emissions by 20 MT of CO2 annually from agriculture.

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